OCIA (formerly called RCIA) meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm at St. Joseph University Parish. Contact Elizabeth Davis to register. 

Anyone is welcome to join, whether you are interested in joining the church or just looking for a refresher on Church teaching! You may register here if you're ready.


OCIA Schedule 2024-25
Sessions will be at St. Joe's Church from 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Date Topic
Wed. Aug. 21 Welcome/Intro
Wed. Aug 28 Original Sin/Intro to prayer - Jesus Prayer
Wed. Sept. 4 Jesus - Who is Jesus for you? Litany
Wed. Sept. 11 God & Trinity, Sign of Cross/Canticle
Wed. Sept. 18 Holy Spirit
Wed. Sept. 25 Catholic Interp. Of Scripture/ OT/ Pres. Of Bibles 
Wed. Oct. 2  New Testament
Wed. Oct. 9 Mary and Rosary
Wed. Oct. 16 Intro to Sacraments and Sacramentatlity
Wed. Oct. 23 Instructional Mass & Church Tour
Wed. Oct. 30 Baptism/Confirmation
Wed. Nov. 6 NO CLASS - All Saints Day
Wed. Nov. 13 Reconcilation/Anointing of the Sick/Act of Contrition
Weekend       Nov. 16/17 Rite of Acceptance
Wed. Nov. 20 Eucharist/Advent
Wed. Nov. 27 No CLASS - Thanksgiving Break
Wed. Dec. 4 Holy Orders & Matrimony/Vocations
Wed. Dec. 11 Church History
Wed. Dec. 18 Church Structure/Discipleship
Wed. Dec. 25, Jan 1 NO CLASS - Christmas Break
Wed. Jan. 8 Social Justice, Respect for Life - Social Justice Prayer
Wed. Jan. 12 Social Justice & other 6 teachings
Wed. Jan. 19 Communion of Saints/Afterlife
Wed. Jan. 26 10 Commmandments & Beatitudes
Wed. Feb. 5 Morality/Sin & Conscience /Walk Thru Reconc.
Wed. Feb. 12 Make up class if needed
  Question & Answer session
Wed. Feb. 26 Liturgical Season Lent/Easter
Sun. Mar. 2   Rite of Election in Indy                                           Sponsors should attend also
Wed. Mar. 5 NO CLASS - Ash Wednesday
Sun. Mar. 12 Community & Gifts
Mar. 22/23 1st Scrutiny at Mass/anointing
Wed. Mar. 26 Creed -  - Presentation of Creed
Mar. 29/30 2nd Scrutiny at Mass
Wed. Apr. 2  Stations of the Cross/ Our Father with Presentation
Apr. 4/5 3rd Scrutiny at Mass
Wed. Mar. 9 SEDER MEAL
Wed. Mar. 16 NO CLASS - Holy Week
Sat. Apr. 19 Easter Vigil Practice
Wed. Apr. 23 Reflection on Easter Vigil - God's Plan of Salvation